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Osteoporosis Protocol Review

Emily Jones

Today, there are various kinds of medications for treating osteoporosis that are available on the market. However, not all of them offer safe and cost-effective options. In our Osteoporosis Protocol Review we will try to explore and analyze Osteoporosis Protocol, the new and innovative system for treating osteoporosis that claims to be extremely effective in permanently eliminating the symptoms of osteoporosis in just a few months and, for some patients, even weeks.

Jane Marshall Created Osteoporosis ProtocolThis program was created by Jane Marshall to be an alternative to using prescription medications or as a supplemental treatment, but still effective enough that you can see tangible results relatively quickly.

As Jane Marshall explains, her research into causes and treatments for osteoporosis started with an accident. While at home, at the age of 55, walking through her living room on the way to the kitchen, she stubbed her toe on the sofa and fell forward. Instinctively, she put both of her hands out to break the fall and landed on the carpeted floor with a light thump.

More annoyed at herself because of such a silly fall, she tried to get up and pull herself up. But that's when the searing and incredible pain shot throughout her whole body and the wrists and she slumped back down almost paralyzed. She had shattered her hip and fractured both wrists due to un-diagnosed onset of osteoporosis. Jane Marshall had to wait for hours in pain on the floor until finally rescued by the UPS employee who had to break in through her door.

So after recovering from that horrifying experience, she became completely obsessed with making sure that she would never find herself in a situation like that again!

Osteoporosis Protocol Scientist Adam LockwoodIt was after months of dedicated review and research, that Jane Marshall stumbled upon a recent scientific study called “Remodeling Dysfunction: Bone Death As The Cause Of Osteoporosis” written and published by a medical researcher and scientist named Adam Lockwood.

This discovery is the one that ultimately changed her life and lead to the birth of the simple and natural osteoporosis treatment, based on the bone remodeling,  that is now known as “Osteoporosis Protocol”.

The full story about Jane Marshall and a lot more details about the “Osteoporosis Protocol” are available directly on the protocol website, but there is a lot of information to process and the sales page can be a bit overwhelming.

For that reason, we have listed a few time saving tips about the sales page and the ordering process. This should enable you to review this special product that Jane Marshall created, and quickly determine if it will work for you. We sincerely hope that this review and information we provided help you decide.

Another page you might find helpful is our Osteoporosis Protocol Review And Sample Pages section where we actually show you a few review pages right from the book. We actually purchased the product in order to make sure it's not some sort of a scam. So take a look, review everything to ensure that this unique osteoporosis treatment protocol works for you before you buy!

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The Science Behind Osteoporosis Protocol

As mentioned earlier, Jane Marshall developed Osteoporosis Protocol starting with the review of core findings of the study published by Adam Lockwood. This study was primarily focused on the topic of bone growth and skeletal restructuring.

Osteoporosis Protocol Review XRay Hip Images

The theory behind it is that the skeleton is a living tissue, like all other parts of our bodies and that it gets rebuilt periodically. In fact, the studies show that our complete skeleton structure gets physically replaced every 10 years.

The curious thing about this is then why does the body stop regenerating these tissues for persons with osteoporosis? Few paragraphs Jane Marshal included from this study shed some light on how the skeletal restructuring works. Here they are for your review:

Bone is living tissue, and it's an easy thing for many people to forget. Until, of course something goes wrong. Most of the time, our bodies work very well at keeping the right proportion of new growth and old bones resumption (breakdown) in balance.

But this process can be thrown out of balance due to age, weak structure of the bones, physical inactivity, and pH imbalances, and we lose more bone than we create, developing areas of what is essentially “dead bone”.

Bones may appear to be lifeless, but this appearance is deceiving. Bones are dynamic and active tissues and they are changing constantly. In the review it is stated that we recycle 5% to 7% of our skeletal mass every week! When these bones remain in place for long periods of time, the calcium salts in it crystallize, making them brittle and prone to fracture. This is why our body constantly works to replace old bone tissues with new ones, in a process called remodeling.

Abnormalities of remodeling can produce a variety of skeletal disorders. The metabolic skeletal diseases may reflect disturbances in the organic matrix, the mineral phase, the cellular process of remodeling, and the endocrine, nutritional, and other factors that regulate skeletal and mineral homeostasis.

These disorders may be hereditary or acquired and usually affect the entire bony skeleton. These diseases include osteoporosis, osteomalacia, the skeletal changes of hyperparathyroidism and chronic renal failure, and Paget's disease.


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